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Can You Use Social Media To Get The Job You Want?

Finding work in a competitive job market isn’t for the faint of heart. In today’s Service For Life ! ® Free consumer newsletter, you’ll learn tips to use social media to your advantage to land the job of your dreams and make the best industry connections. You’ll also learn about simple things you can do every day that keep anger in check, how to avoid getting flagged by the TSA, and how to create a multipurpose garage – plus fun facts, a trivia challenge, and lots more. Here are the sales statistics for the Beach/Marina area, which include: Mandalay Shores, Hollywood Beach, Silverstrand Beach, Mandalay Bay, Seabridge, Westport, The Colony HarborWalk, HarborWest, CI Waterfront Homes, Harbour Island, Port Marluna. Note: Inventory less than 6 months is considered a seller’s market; more than 6 months, a buyer’s.

Closed Escrows

Active Listings

Inventory (months)

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 21 21 14 23 20 18 12 15 11 13 34 28 14 17 20 18 19 20 17 18 44 22 11 22 34 22 15 24 46 30 30 32 29 32 28 29 23 27 45 27 28 16 15 49 26 23 19 14 19 25 20 31 18 8 22

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 75 70 67 80 22 4.02 2.13 4.49 4.14 1.19 84 53 91 92 23 3.95 2.59 3.37 4.68 1.55 84 63 69 89 17 3.9 2.51 4.5 4.68 0.53 88 60 87 90 14 4.72 2.42 5.46 4.9 0.86 107 54 108 93 29 4.99 2.82 6.98 4.29 1 112 70 128 78 28 4.19 4.2 7.04 4.38 0.62 102 97 122 80 18 4.26 4.1 6.88 4.05 1.23 103 92 125 62 34 3.82 4.21 7.04 4.78 0.73 95 95 126 51 20 3.83 3.67 6.3 1.5 0.62 96 81 115 34 16 2.4 4.13 5.74 1.8 0.9 61 87 100 41 20 2.45 3.81 4.71 1.23 0.875 63 79 93 32 21 2.54 3.32 4.3 0.89

January February


April May June





November December

11 12 22 29

9 thru 12/18

As this goes to publication, I have one in escrow at The Colony, scheduled to close by the end of the year and a great Capri (upper level) floor plan available. In January I have a little gem coming on the market at HarborWalk. A beautifully renovated Plan C South facing end unit. Finally, I want you to know, that you can call me for any reason. And please let me know if a friend, family member or neighbor needs a caring, competent real estate professional to help in buying or selling. I truly appreciate your friendship and referrals. Enjoy your issue!

Warmest regards, Florence Florence Gadbois DRE #01040021 RE/MAX Gold Coast

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Service For Life ! “Insider Tips For Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Living…”

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Things That Might Get You Flagged At The Airport

Flying can be stressful, especially when you have to jump through a number of security hoops while trying to get to your flight on time. Even if you do abide by all the security guidelines, there is still a risk you will be flagged for extra-special screening (and delays). Here are a few types of things to think about that security officers have been trained to watch out for – and you may not be aware of: 1. Do not talk about weapons . Even if you are being friendly with a TSA officer, they will be suspicious if you discuss firearms and the like. Don’t. 2. Be aware of all liquids . You may have removed all visible liquids like toiletries, but in some countries (the UK, for example) they classify an asthma inhaler as a liquid even though it is in a tiny aerosol container. If unsure, put it with other liquids. 3. Don’t try to outsmart the system . You may think that there is no logical reason to take out your laptop or camera, but if TSA agents see you are trying to game the system you will likely suffer the consequences, which can be pretty serious and could even include jail time. 4. Avoid packing coffee . Coffee has been used to smuggle other items as its aroma can mask strong-smelling substances like marijuana. It’s best to avoid bringing back a bag of your favorite coffee from vacation. 5. Don’t change places in line . Once you’ve stepped in line for the security checkpoint, don’t change lanes unless asked to do so by a TSA agent. Otherwise, they may find it suspicious that you’re changing lines and think you’re trying to avoid certain scanners and detection devices. 6. Check your batteries . Some toothbrushes contain lithium batteries that have been known to explode. Like certain cellphones, these types of batteries are prohibited in the cabin. It’s best to expect that TSA rules in every airport may vary, so do your research before your trip. Some ways to move faster through security or have priority boarding can include: flying business class, checking all of your items, and signing up for TSA PreCheck, a program that promises to speed up your check-in ( tsa.gov/precheck ). Thinking Of Buying A Home Soon? If you’re planning to buy a home in the next 6 months, you’ll want a copy of my Free consumer guide, “ 7 Secrets For Saving Thousands When Financing Your Next Home .” My report will help you avoid frustrations and costly pitfalls when buying a home. Simply call me to get a free copy: 805-701-8410

January 2022 Oxnard, California

Inside This Issue…

How To Avoid Getting Flagged When Flyi ng… Page 1

Job-Hunting With Social Media … Page 2

10 Multipurpose Garage Ideas …Page 2

5 Ways To Ditch Anger …Page 3

Answer This Trivia Question and You Could Win $75 Gift Card for Lure Restaurant...Page 4 How Do I Make My Home Stand Out Without Spending Too Much Money? …Page 4

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Job Hunting & Social Media

B Mom Joke Did you hear about the fire in northeastern France at a cheese factory? When firefighters arrived, there was nothing left but de Brie! Quotes To Live By… “ The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain .” Word of the Month… Studies have shown your income and wealth are directly related to the size and depth of your vocabulary. Here is this month’s word, so you can impress your friends (and maybe even fatten your wallet!)… Meaning : The act of publishing private information online with the goal of exposure Sample Sentence: Mr. Smith was doxed by his students because they didn’t like his grading methods. Did You Know? Do you recall the song Blue Suede Shoes that Elvis famously sang? It sold over one million copies! Well, here’s a fun fact: it wasn’t written by Elvis. Musician Carl Perkins from Tennessee wrote the tune, and Johnny Cash reportedly gave him the idea. 6 Things To Pack To Make Your Flight More Enjoyable • Noise cancelling headphones to provide a more peaceful flight Snacks, especially on long-haul flights Hand sanitizer to keep the germs away Podcasts: Download the latest episodes of your favorite podcast before getting on your flight • • Doxing (doc-zing) noun • • Sneakers or slippers

When competition for jobs is steep, there are ways to get a leg up on other applicants by using social media in smart ways. LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) is a great business networking platform that can help you make connections, Twitter (www.twitter.com) and Facebook (www.facebook.com) are great to keep up-to- date with industry news, and all are sites which allow you to find employment opportunities. Think of it as a virtual networking breakfast or lunch but from the comfort of your own home. For job searching, experts recommend: • Signing up for LinkedIn Premium . Not only will it avoid leaving footprint marks of profiles you check (so profile owners can see you visited them), but it also shows that you mean business. • Utilizing the search function , research the profiles of people who have the kind of role you are looking for (you can do this on LinkedIn and Facebook). Then look at their connections within the organization. This will give you a great insight into what that organization is looking for skills-wise, and how they like career information presented. • Sending connection requests to and following industry peers, potential recruiters, and organizations that you’re interested in working for. Follow up with a note asking if they have ten minutes to hop on a networking call, where you can sell your skills and experience to fill any potential vacancies. • Sharing industry news on Twitter. A s you grow your connections you’ll be seen as someone who has a finger on the pulse in your industry. Create A Multipurpose Garage A garage may seem like the space to dump miscellaneous items, tools, and garbage/recycling . “It’s not cluttering up the house, so why does it matter?!” you might think to yourself. Here’s the thing , though: you could be losing an opportunity to use it for storage and a new functional space. Some good ways to make it a dual-purpose room include: • Install an attic lift to gain additional storage for items you only use one season a year, like camping stuff. • Store bikes on hanging racks that are flush with the wall. • Consider installing a livable floor coating , like epoxy or polished concrete. Then you could portion off a part of the garage to use as a media room, den, or creative space. • Speak to your electrician about adding outlets and lighting so that the space can be used at all times of day. • Add drywall and insulation to keep the space warm in winter time and give it a more home-like feeling. • Use storage systems like shelving racks and give each rack a job. For example, store similar items together like tools, which you can keep separate from gardening stuff, or use a rack for overflow storage for the kitchen.

– Dolly Parton, Singer

“ It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.. ” – John Wooden, Basketball Coach

“Gentleman, you can’t fight in here. This is the war room.”

– President Merkin Muffley (Peter Sellers), Dr Strangelove

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Brain Teaser… Without it, I am dead. If I am not it, I am behind. What is it? (See page 4 for the answer.) Real Estate Question? Maybe you want to know how much your home is worth. Or maybe you just need a recommendation for a handyman, carpet cleaner or plumber… Either way, I love hearing from all of my good friends and clients. And I’m happy to help answer questions you might have about anything relating to real estate or home-ownership. If you have a question, tip or idea, call me at 805-701-8410 . I’m here to help! Social Media Guide It’s hard to keep up with all of the different social media platforms and what they do. Here’s a quick reference: -Facebook helps people connect with friends and family. Users interact through posts, groups, and making “friend” requests. Mostly used for personal reasons but can be used for business to engage customers. -Twitter : think of it as a one-line way to make a statement. Can be used personally or professionally. -LinkedIn is a great way to network with peers, make potential job connections, and keep up-to-date with industry news. -TikTok is a personal 30-second fun video platform. To be used among friends, but also can contain a lot of helpful life tips and tricks. Audiobook Websites Listen to your news and books while multi-tasking! Also, check with your local library for FREE access to their audiobooks. www.audible.com – Buy and download books straight to your phone or device. The most well-known audiobook app, with a monthly token system. www.scribd.com – Cheaper than Audible, without a credit system, and unlimited magazines and news. www.play.google.com – Search for audiobooks that don’t require a monthly subscription.

Ditch Anger For Good Anger can be a tricky emotion to handle: it’s not particularly nice to witness or to feel. E xperts say it’s not always just the anger itself we should be concerned about, though. Often anger can be a warning sign that we might need to look a little deeper. Anger might come from a sense that an injustice happened, someone has crossed a personal boundary, or an event has occurred in which a person felt threatened. Anger is often a response to something in life feeling not quite right, or unfair. Left unattended, anger can manifest as resentment and unhelpful feelings toward a person or event, or even lead to depression and anxiety. Processed and acknowledged, though, anger can help us to identify personal boundaries and assert those with others. If you are having difficulty with anger, try these expert tips to better manage your feelings: • Strike while the iron is cold. In other words, do not respond to someone when angry. You may say something you later regret. • Find a way for the body to release the stress hormones associated with anger. Go for a walk, head to the gym, or go for a swim. Get your body moving. • Ask for a timeout. If you’re feeling anger in a heated discussion with a loved one it’s p erfectly OK to ask for a timeout. You can park the topic and circle back to it once you both have calmed down and have a different perspective. • Meditate. This may sound like the last thing you’d want to do when you’re angry, but meditation can actually hel p deescalate the stress your body is feeling and provide a sense of calm and relaxation. That’s just what the body needs when experiencing anger. Have you Seen Service for Life online?

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“Who Else Wants To Win $75 Gift Card for Lure Restaurant ?” Guess who won last month’s Trivia Question? I’m pleased to announce the lucky winner of last month’s quiz. And the winner of this month’s drawing is …drum roll please: Carl Ludwig of The Colony. In 1884, a Canadian chemist patented a good that has become a staple in many U.S. kitchens. What was it? a) sliced bread b) potato chips c) peanut butter d) breakfast cereal The answer is c) peanut butter. Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a chemist and pharmacist from Québec, created a peanut paste for people who were unable to chew solid food because of poor dental health. He patented it in the United States in 1884 . So let’s move on to this month’s trivia questi on.

Brain Teaser Answer: A head!

5 Ways To Boost Your Winter Mood

Winter, especially January, can be a tough time of year mentally. Here are 5 ways to naturally boost your mood: 1. Go for a walk outside 2. Pet your dog or cat (or visit a pet shop) 3. Take a warm bath 4. Workout for 20 minutes and raise your heart rate. 5. Make social plans and get out of the house! Did You Know…? You can use willow bark to relieve pain, instead of aspirin? It contains salicyl which converts to salicylic acid – a precursor and metabolite of aspirin – that works with other plant compounds to effectively relieve pain! Find it at local drugstores. THANK YOU for reading my Service For Life ! ® personal newsletter. I wanted to produce a newsletter that has great content and is fun and valuable to you. Your constructive feedback is always welcome. AND… whether you’re thinking of buying, selling or financing real estate, or just want to stop by and say “Hi,” I’d love to hear from you… Florence Gadbois DRE #01040021 RE/MAX Gold Coast 805-701-8410 florence@BchRealEstate.com BchRealEstate.com Disclaimer: The information contained in this letter is intended for informational purposes. It should not substitute as legal, accounting, investment, medical or other professional services advice. Always seek a competent professional for answers to your specific questions. This letter is not intended to solicit real estate properties currently for sale.

What type of creature can jump 130 times its height?

a) a flea b) a panther c) a horse d) a kangaroo

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Real Estate Corner…

Q. How do I make my home stand out in the market without spending much money?

A. If you want to get offers from buyers, make a great first impression by improving these potential turn-offs:

• Messy Landscaping: Buyers are looking for curb appeal. Take the time to clean up an overgrown yard. • Nasty Odors: You may not smell some odors in your home because you’ve become desensitized to them. Ask your REALTOR ® if there are odors (smoke, pet odors) and how you can get rid of them. • Too Much Clutter: Pack away any items like excess furniture, personal pictures and nick-knacks. They make your rooms look smaller and distract the buyer from really seeing the house itself. • Old Paint: A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint is a low-cost way to make your rooms look new and fresh. You can learn more about these and 40 more tips in my Free Consumer Report called “44 Money Making Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell.” Just ask me for a copy for yourself or a friend, and I’ll send it right over. Do you have a question you want answered related to real estate or home ownership? Feel free to call me at 805-701-8410. Perhaps I’ll feature your question in my next issue!

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Colony MarketWatch ™ Here’s Neighborhood Home Information For The Colony To Help You Evaluate The Value Of Your Investment. ”

Homes Currently Active …




Sq. Ft.

Floor Plan

Asking Price

4427 Antigua





$899,000 $899,000

Market Average

Properties Taking Back Up Offers … Address



Sq. Ft.

Floor Plan Martinique

Asking Price

1914 Majorca




$699,000 $699,000

Market Average

Sold Propert ies… (01/01/21 Thru 12/18/21) Address List $ Sale $



Floor Plan

Date Sold

2216 Martinique 2242 Martinique 2375 Martinique 2317 Martinique

$675,000 $619,000 $639,888 $699,000 $659,888 $699,000

$400,000 $605,000 $625,500 $685,000 $691,000 $705,000

1459 1113 1113 1627 1217 1368

$274.16 $556.15 $561.99 $421.02 $567.32 $515.35



Martinique (Phase I)

01/14/21 02/04/21 01/20/21 07/21/21



1933 Majorca


2171 Martinique



2105 Martinique







2345 Martinique







4482 Antigua







1994 San Tropez





Martinique (Ambassador) 09/29/21

4480 Antigua






03/10/21 04/27/21 09/15/21 11/22/21 05/28/21 11/12/21 11/16/21 06/25/21 09/20/21 04/06/21 03/18/21 07/16/21 07/30/21 07/07/21 03/23/21 09/22/21

2370 Vina del Mar 2167 Martinique 2307 Martinique 2161 Martinique

$789,888 $779,888 $799,888 $799,888 $803,888 $820,888 $699,000 $875,000

$780,000 $780,000 $780,000 $802,500 $805,000 $812,500 $814,000 $850,000

1627 1522 1459 1459 1368 1549 1368 1628

$479.41 $512.48 $534.61 $550.03 $588,.02 $524.53 $595.00 $522.43 $529.48 $558.95 $496.43 $841.94 $804.08 $677.92 $560.22 $522.43


Antigua Antigua Antigua Madeira Antigua

1937 Majorca 2007 Majorca

2043 San Sebastian 2311 Martinique

Madeira (Ambassador)


2287 Martinique





2101 Martinique 2125 Vina del Mar 2110 Vina del Mar 1985 San Sebastian 4760 San Sebastian 2223 Vina del Mar Market Average





$1,150,888 $1,100,000 2059 $1,195,888 $1,150,000 2409 $1,299,000 $1,305,000 1550 $1,595,888 $1,420,000 1766 $1,599,888 $1,570,000 2360

San Tropez


Antigua (Ambassador)

Capri (Ambassador)

Vina del Mar

$ 848,568 $ 846 ,519

RE/MAX represented buyer, seller or both . Properties as of December 18, 2021 and may not be listed by RE/MAX. Information herein has not been verified, is not guaranteed, and is subject to change


MarketWatch ™ “ Here’s Neighborhood Home Information For HarborWalk To Help You Evaluate The Value Of Your Investment. ”

Active Listings… Address

List $

Sq.Ft. Floor Plan


$545,000 $559,000 $865,000 $656,333

781 925

Plan A Plan C

3128 Sunset Lane

Sunset Lane



Market Average

Properties Accepting Back Up Offer s… Address List $

Sq.Ft. Floor Plan

La Brea

$869,000 $869,000


Villa (end unit)

Market Average

Pending Properties … Address

List $

Sq.Ft. Floor Plan

La Brea

$950,000 $950,000


Villa (end unit)

Market Average

Sold Properties (01/01/2021 – 12/18/2021 Address List $ Sale $

Sq.Ft. $/sq.ft

Floor Plan

Date Sold

2939 Harbor 3035 Harbor 3414 Sunset 2947 Harbor 4514 LaBrea 3110 Sunset 2943 Harbor 2949 Harbor 3013 Harbor 4531 La Brea 3354 Sunset 3364 Sunset 4534 LaBrea

$495,000 $490,000 $589,500 $650,000 $659,000 $690,000 $699,000 $769,000 $769,000 $800,000 $825,000 $899,000 $639,900

$525,000 $540,000 $589,500 $632,500 $680,000 $689,900 $700,000 $755,000 $764,000 $800,000 $845,000 $899,000 $650,000

925 781

$567.57 $691.42 $519.38 $527.96 $515.54 $745.83 $584.31 $630.22 $677.30 $568.99 $542.01 $605.39 $572.69

Plan C Plan A

03/24/21 09/29/21 04/01/21 07/30/21 04/06/21 07/21/21 08/18/21 10/14/21 07/09/21 08/06/21 07/16/21 08/30/21

1135 1198


Plan D






Plan C (end unit) Plan D (end unit)

1198 1198 1128 1406 1559 1485

Plan D Plan B

Villa Villa Villa


3241 Harbor





Villa (end unit)

04/16/21 11/01/21

3264 Sunset





Villa (end unit)

Market Average $591.10 Bold: REMAX Represented Buyers, Sellers or Both $718,325 $726,291

The information referenced has been provided by the Ventura County MLS Corporation’s MLS as of December 18, 2021. The listings and sales are not exclusive to RE/MAX Gold Coast Realtors and may have been represented by others. Display of the MLS data is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed by the MLS and prices are subject to change.

See HarborWalk floor plans at: HarborWalkCondos.com

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